Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Testing ! Not My Cup Of Tea

Currently I am developing a system using SDLC V-Model. I learned the importance of having proper Test process in place at each phase SDLC. As a developer we tried our level best to deliver the quality and high performance system but sometimes we fail to fulfill the client's expectation. The reason being not having proper planning of 'Test Process' setup during phases of SDLC.

Sometimes we feel the one who develop the system can very well do the testing and can detect the defects at earlier stage. But this not true,developer can never be a good tester.It always requires a 'Third Eye -Critical Reviewer' to look at things at different perspective. The Developer claim his/her piece of module works fine and the Tester claims it is a defect because it is not working .This fight is endless. The mentality differs at each level .The perspective ,views and thought process is different at each level. Developer thinks tightly to the executional model and tester inclined more towards domain and functional knowledge. It is good practice to inherit the better understanding of domain and to cast it properly to the real time system.So I eventually realise testing won't be my cup of tea.

One need to understand the product quality in terms of budget and performance. There can be two testing aspects one is functional testing and non functional testing. The functional testing is done during user acceptance testing before delivered to production. The non functional testing stands for quality related to performance,business compliant standard and match with competetive market.
Below is the summary matrix .

Highlights Testing Refresher:


Test Cases Introduced At Phase.




Unit Testing/Component Testing

Development/Built Phase

Developer's Local machine
Testing done for one set of functionality. For E.g. Add operation in Gridview.

Technically:This can be a library.

Integration Testing/Assembly Testing

Design Phase

Testing Team
Application deployed on Development Server
Testing done for integrated set of component.For E.g Business Work flow between components.(Raise Request-Assign Request-approve Request-Close request) .

Technically: This can be one project solution having reference of all project in it.

Product Testing

Requirement Phase

Testing Team
Application deployed on Staging Server(Simulated Production Server)This testing verifies the tracebility and mapping of requirement and system acceptance by end user.