Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Don't be Surprise If your website breaks in IE9 ! Console.log

Don't be surprise if something start breaking up in IE9 after you go for big bang release and customer started complaining website is not working. The reason is pretty straight forward, javascript and client scripting is taking centre stage and all new browsers support them very much. Console.log is common script that most of the developer used to trace the flow of javascript. It happens they forgot to uncomment them while release to production. It is rare case when big enterprise application fails to ensure this is taken care.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Data Driven Subscription reports in SSRS, what can't be done in sitecore webform marketeers

Its a challenge when we fetch reports out of promotion held through webform markeeters. To our rescue is always a custom db options with custom forms with good security layer giving added advantage and flexibility to business users and end customer.

How it works?
You got loads of data and it takes lot of time to generate a report on demand. It simple design approach we make use of canned report or just allow subscription data driven reports based on user personalization.

This is something we coming up for our client and help them realize the benefits.

To know more, stay tune.

Power of SSRS-

Data Masking:-

Big Data! It Implies

Twitter, Facebook, world data centre, Amazon and Google all these social networking or ecommerce site has huge footprint in terms of number of users, transactions they perform and data they crunch day in day out. These numbers are so big that it range from
terabyte to petabytes.

  1. Data Explosion
  2. Monetization
  3. Social Media
  4. Data mobilization
  5. Technology Advancement
Big Data -
high amount of data to be processed, produced and available with respect to diversity of source inside and outside.

Areas require Big Data
  • Image processing
  • Video processing
  • Seisemic processing
  • sensor data analysis
  • network analysis
  • enterprise monitoring
  • Enterprise data warehouse
  • Low latency Non Relationship Database
  • Key value - Amazon dynomite
  • Column oriented- cassandra hbase,Riask
  • Document databases- Couch db/Mongodb
  • Graph based- Neoo4j,Allegrograph
Big data analytics aims at fluid architecture. change for future and flexible architecture.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

C# Generics, Lamda Expression, Anonymous delegates, Extensions.

Next time you get chance to write a code.. use action as procedure to do your task.
Recursive Lamda Expression
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

namespace ConsoleApplication1
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            Action countdown = null;
            countdown = (i) =>
                if (i > 0)
                    countdown(i - 1);

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Redis Cache Architecture point of view

Thinking Redis cache stores key value pair just like any native .net code would do, is not just that. What we don't realize is that the cache can be distributed and centrally stored for multi server or webfarms. Not only cache management even session state management can be easily achieve using azure redis cache.

In theory we able to distribute load on server to certain extent to make it available to end users with better throughout ,low latency and easy data management.

1. Distributed caching
2. Centrally stored
3. Easy session management
4. Easy to clear and revisit cache expiry policy.

Modern Web ApI and Cache repository Simpify.

Redis Manager

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sitecore Quick Reference

Tips and Tricks

Authoring tool

John West

Angularjs Quick Reference

Cheat Sheet:-

  • $routeProvider /URL#Redirect
  • TemplateURL +Controller Binding
  •  when('/ShowOrder/:orderId',
  • = $route.current.
  • otherwise({redirectTo

  • Ng-view
  • Ng-Include
  • ng-repeat-start
  • ng-repeat-end

Regular Expression

Jquery Quick Reference

The below reference help you code selectors appropiately.

Basic Selectors:
Attribute    $("[href]")
ID             $("#ID")
Class         $(".className")
tags            $("p")

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Known Issue: Predictive Search- Accessibility

UX and technical design specifications, framework and guideline must be lay out for predictive search.

The best example is google predictive search.

Now remember one thing we sometime create custom predictive search with UL/LI with div tag and predictive search text box.

Important to note here:-

Dropdownlist aka combo box default behaviour does have up and down arrow keys to navigate through list items but this behaviour needs to be constructed when we use div-UL-LI options.

So remember next time when you working on something like this do take care of input field with predictive search.

I've seen developer using ARIA

The only problem with this tags are they do not have universal acceptance. They works in some device, OS , browsers etc. 

Known Issue: Accessibility -Select Picker Item behaviour in Iphone Voice over

The select html combo box behaviour in Iphone voice is causing problem with accessibility. It doesn't enable the focus on picker selection of IOS when we double tap to activate the picker control( Select Id= > Option in html.

Now this very well works out in IOS 8.0 and above. There is some defect in IOS 7.0 and higher version. Having said that , the focus and default behaviour of picker for voice over is still a problem.

1. Double tap does not set the focus on picker item values.
2. After picker item is selected focus never moves to next element.

Bottom line is:-

Combo box aka dropdown box( select Option) must be customised to suit requirement.

Do add Label for at least for select .


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Accessibility AA Tip and tricks

·         Flow of information
·         Correct proof reading
·         Right colour contrast and text size to help users with visual problems
·         Right tabbing , focus and click ordering. Logical arrangement of information’s. Right speech, right flow of speech with correct pause. Simple example.. Go Slow, work is in progress. Well what if speak tool reads out in this way. Go pause, slow work is in progress. There should be balance of proper read out in very meaningful way. Instruction text and design has to be considered while accessibility is taken care. Content author must be trained to understand such implications with good examples.
§  Visually – Colour medium to communicate
o   Problem statement- The color Red with Arrow indicates you are here in this section whereas grey without bottom arrow indicates there are sub menu item to be viewed.

·         List of headings
·         Headings structure and hierarchy
·         Logical orders of tabbing
·         Skip Links back to top
·         Text size 200% in IE Or Zoom
·         Colour Contrast and Text size
·         Progress Bar- Such as you completed 1 of 3 step
·         Avoid abbreviation like Q&A , FAQ
§  FAQ read as Fack and so on.
·         Reading out numbers , units etc
§  Take care MB, cents, Dollar, KB, telephone number, credit card sample numbers etc.
·         Button should be informative.
§  Submit button and Review Button. If there are case where text on a button is very generic in nature such as continue, Read more, Add, More information,View . We can make information more elaborate for visually challenged users.
§  For e.g what do you mean by more information, related to what . These are the questions that may be reviewed and assessed.
§  Role=button
·         Anchor tag
§  Target=_blank its important to add explicit Opens in new window. If there is link with download, mention what is going to be downloaded like PDF, word doc and so on
§  Ensure we have role=button, role=link appropriately marked in anchor tag for IOS, android to call it as interactive element
§  Ensure href got some value. Href=”#!”
·         Call out table structure properly
·         Most used ARIA tags
§  Aria-hidden
§  Aria-label


Some handy Jquery To set focus

$('select').on('change', function () { $(this).next().focus(); });


For Empty Alt text attribute


//empty image alt tags
$("img").each(function (index) {
    $('.ccs1).attr('alt', "");
    $('.ccs2').attr('alt', "");
    $('.ccs3').attr('alt', "");

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Accessibility Forms -IOS/Android

Technical Specification

  • OS-IOS
  • IDevice :Iphone/IPAD/MAC
  • Browser: Safari
  • Speak Tool : Voice Over

  • OS : Android ALL Version
  • Device: Samsung/Nexus etc
  • Browser: Chrome
  • Speak Tool : Android Talkback

Form Accessibility

  • Placeholder supported in IOS not in Android chrome
  • Title tag supported in IOS as well as in Android chrome
  • Aria-label supported in both

What are the guidelines?
1. Required field for Label field 
2. Required field feature for input fields attributes such as  <input type=text "Required"
3.Placeholder attribute
4. Label for Text field, combo box. 
5. Error message should be read out before input fields.
6. Checkbox, combobox, radio button, input fields should be read out by assistive technology.
7. Tab sequence should be followed.

Common Issue:

1. If item selected in combo box, the focus will go to the top of the page. Reason no Label FOR

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Sitecore CMS 7.2 Performance Engineering

Every single improvement counts if we consider performance tuning in sitecore. There are unnecessary logs that generates at runtime which can be assessed and switch off , if it does not solve the purpose.
Ofcourse these are debugging logs but one should ensure if there is custom application logs written for specific purpose.


  1. Crawling.log
  2. Search.log
  3. WebDAV.log
This will reduce I/O read and write operation for certain extend. Just look at this scenario , where there is web farm with many servers and there is requests served by these servers every time and it generates tons of tons of logs which is not necessary at all.

IIS related Settings-Best Practice and Recommendation

  1. Set permissions on /website and /data
  2. Ensure the data and indexes folders are outside of the web root and update the web.config to point to the data folder
  3. In IIS ensure that Maximum Worker Processes for the Application Pool is set to 1 (under advanced settings)
  4. In IIS ensure that Load User Profile settings of the Application Pool is set to "true" (under advanced settings)
  • In IIS ensure anonymous access is denied for:
  •  /App_Config
  •  /sitecore/admin
  •  /sitecore/debug
  •  /sitecore/webservice
  1. In IIS Enable HTTP keep alive
  2. In IIS enable static content compression
  3. In IIS on the CMS server, enable dynamic content compression
  4. In IIS disable execute permissions on the upload folder
  5. In IIS enable content expiration using HTTP response headers, especially for the /sitecore folder (optional)

Sitecore Configuration Changes

  1.  Ensure the /data and /indexes folders are outside of the web root and update the dataFolder setting to point to the data folder.
  2. Include the path to static media files (header images, css files, JavaScript files) in the IgnoreURLPrefixes settings to prevent Sitecore from intercepting the requests.
  3. Disable unused search indexes by setting Indexing.UpdateInterval to 00:00:00.
  4. Update the standard cache sizes for prefetch, data, item and item as recommended (see the scaling guide), and then test for further adjustments.
  5. Ensure presentation components that are candidates for caching are set to cacheable.
  6. For 64-bit systems with the available memory, disable cache size limits using Caching.DisableCacheSizeLimits.
  7. Disable performance counters using Counters.Enabled as they add overhead.
  8. Disable WebDav by removing the references in , , .
  9. Disable memory monitor by removing the hook from .
  10. Restrict access to .XML, .XSLT and .MRT files using the section.
  11. Disable the upload watcher by removing it from the - Sitecore.Resources.Media.UploadWatcher.
  12. Optionally disable client RSS feeds by removing the Sitecore.Shell.Feeds.FeedRequestHandler.
  13. Remove unneeded headers from the responses.  For example X-Aspnet-Version, X-Powered-By, X-AspNetMVC-Version.
  14. If possible check disablebrowsercaching=false , if there is no form data and cookies in your system. This is recommeded for most generic, centric content website.
  15. Diable crawling.log, publishing.log and search.log in delivery boxes.
  16. Remove 404 errors
  17. Remove viewstate if we use traditional .
  18. Disable Webdav if not in use
  19. Use output caching.

Sitecore HTML Caching

1. Caching.DefaultHtmlCacheSize : Determines the default size of the html cache of a site specify the value in bytes or append the value with KB, MB or GB
Default Size=10mb
setting name="Caching.DefaultHtmlCacheSize" value="10MB"

site name="website" ... cacheHtml="true" htmlCacheSize="10MB"

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Accessibility - Checklist and Rule Book

Accessibility AA WCAG 2.0 must have technical guideline to achieve accessibility in very good form however Accessibility has got broader meaning and guidelines in terms of usability.

In Nutshell, if website has to be accessible and must be accessed through assistive technology, here is the following ask:-

1. Each information in the website must be easy to navigate and located.
2. Instructions in the device based on assistive technology must be very much supported. Such as use up and down or tab to navigate . Double tap to activate or deactivate and so on.
3. Color contrasts, font size and content placement has to be designed considering the flow of the information is very logical and making sense for listener, reader and viewer.
4.Entry and exit points has to be well defined otherwise the whole purpose of the given web page will beat the overall purpose.
5. Indicative , informational and Non contextual images must be defined and called out clearly.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA)
Assistive Technology
  • Android Talkback
  • Jaws IE
  • Voice  IOS
Most Common Defects:
    1. Check Empty Heading tags H1,H2,H3 etc.
    2. Check hierarchy of heading tags
    3. Never use Headings without content. Try to use div
    4. If table always use Table header as best practice
    5. If Image contains subtitle. Never use Alt..keep this empty. As assistive technology reads out twice.
    6. Take care of Anchor tag..make use of aria, role and title to spell out opens in window for target= _blank
    7. If there is more generic link such as more information or View button mention title to indicate the purpose.
    8. Checking tabbing order and ensure navigation help easy access to elements and content.
The following checklist is based on WebAIM's WCAG 2.0 Checklist. It is intended for training purposes and includes only the Level A and AA success criteria
Vision Australia
AA Compliance Checklist

Friday, September 18, 2015

Sitecore CMS : Client Browser cache Nightmare

If there is a system with CMS and CMS supplies data to non CMS system very frequent changes then one has to keep in mind about the browser cache.

There can be a scenario , your application is hosted in self kiosk mode where it has to get refresh after every 2 mins to reflect right data and don't go into sleep mode. Either you enabled attract screen or get the fresh data from the server to keep it going.

Now imagine a situation where content author has published some content and your browser refresh after 2 mins and content is not changes. BOOO......!

What if, it is browser cache is not clear and we are using angularjs to give the best user experience.

Here is the brute force method of disabling browser client side caching mechanism. This will reduce the efficiency and response time of application before you apply this.


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Mixed Content Error http vs https


Mixed Content: The page at '' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure script ''. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS

The browser will load with the correct protocol. This goes for images as well. Then if the user comes from http, it will load http, https if https.

 How to Fix the Problem

If the problem appears on regular HTTPS secured pages with content that is being loaded via the insecure HTTP protocol, you can control how the content behaves.
Links with “http://” extensions need to change to contain the “s” part of HTTP protocol (https://) pointing out to an SSL-reserved port. A more elegant way of handling different protocols is to have only slashes where port is expected “//”. so that page can use the protocol used to open the page itself:


Monday, July 20, 2015

Kiosk Website Guideline


To share my experience and help you think proactively for any such application in future , here is the quick know-how.


1.       Disable Zoom in touch screen- This will be disturb UX.

2.       Hide vertical scroll bar.

3.       Disabled left and right touch scroll to avoid back and forward history.

4.       Screen resolution of Kiosk.

5.       Attract Screen, if in case kiosk site is offline. This attract screen should be screen saver. This screen saver is set of content managed screens so that we can display some information about specials or products.

6.       Kiosk refresh after 2 mins. So that it fetch timely feeds from CMS system.

7.       For Kiosk refresh ensure browser cache is disabled. Real Time Data

8.       For Kiosk Refresh mode ensure server side caching is disabled. Real Time Data .need Assessment so as to enable this based on more static or persistent content.

9.       For touch device there is concept called Pinch Zoom and Flicker pen touch. Check the setting for touch device. This comes handy.

10.   Access restriction to Kiosk Application hosted in cloud.


That’s it! J

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


. BottomMarginDiv{
bottom-margin: 20px;


How to Restrict IP to website in ?

This is essential when we want to allow only given set of ip address or domain. This is called white list IP range allow or blacklist IP range deny
  1. Private IP will not work , use public IP
  2. Private IP is machine /device ip
  3. Public IP is internet IP that connects from your computer /device to help you browse website.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tips and Tricks :Kiosk Mode For IE

Sometimes we get a requirement to put our webform in Kiosk and end-users are not suppose to disturb the AS-IS state hence to restrict that there is option build in with windows.
All we have enabled

Run-> iexplorer -k website url


To start Internet Explorer in Kiosk mode and start Internet Explorer with the Microsoft Web site, click Start, point to Run, and then type iexplore -k in the Open box.

You can lock down these subversive key combinations using restrictions in the Registry. Launch RegEdit from the Start menu's Run dialog; navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\

Policies\Microsoft Internet Explorer\Restrictions; and find or create each of the following DWORD values, setting its data to 1 to enable the restriction:

  • NoBrowserClose (disables closing the browser window)

  • NoBrowserContextMenu (disables right-click context menu)

  • NoFileOpen (disables use of Ctrl-O or Ctrl-L to launch an arbitrary URL)

  • NoOpenInNewWnd (disables opening a link in a new window via Ctrl-N or Shift-click)


Sunday, June 21, 2015

My Idea: Ecommerce Real time Shopping experience using Online.

I'm not sure about this idea is already evolved, think through and designed . It might be a reality somewhere. We moved from 3G to 4G world now. The time is not too far when streaming will be way of live.

Just imagine we shop online we search for product , add to shopping cart ,checkout and make online orders. What if we do online shopping directly entering into given preferred store as if you're physically present. The idea is simple ,  a live video robotic cameras which will take you to each location (AISLE) or shelf of the store where products or item is placed , you are taken to store tour and you in a way pick the product or scan a product or tick it to add to your shopping cart. The camera assigned to you will help capture barcode and add it to shopping list. There will be predefined set of robotic camera for any user to select from. Is this possible? Not sure.. But seems to be concept.

Like there are predefined set of robotic cameras installed and mount on each location which keep moving once it is assigned to you when you want to shop from that given store. It could be small high definition, ISO precisions camera which keep moving, rolling and given you feed time to time. This is bit trickiest and amazing experience while you just don't have to search item and want to move like a regular shopper within store to understand all variation , range of product. This is my idea and may be it is adapted, opted and engineered to bring live to the real world platform.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sitecore TDS Issue: First Time Sync to sitecore-length of field content does not match the content-length attribute

Step 1:
The trick is you have to add gitattribute using VSO git and then commit and sync the text given in the blog

Step 2 Delete working local copy and clone the repository again.

Step 3: Sync Sitecore again, error will disappear.