Sunday, November 29, 2015

Redis Cache Architecture point of view

Thinking Redis cache stores key value pair just like any native .net code would do, is not just that. What we don't realize is that the cache can be distributed and centrally stored for multi server or webfarms. Not only cache management even session state management can be easily achieve using azure redis cache.

In theory we able to distribute load on server to certain extent to make it available to end users with better throughout ,low latency and easy data management.

1. Distributed caching
2. Centrally stored
3. Easy session management
4. Easy to clear and revisit cache expiry policy.

Modern Web ApI and Cache repository Simpify.

Redis Manager

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Sitecore Quick Reference

Angularjs Quick Reference

Regular Expression

Jquery Quick Reference

The below reference help you code selectors appropiately.

Basic Selectors:
Attribute    $("[href]")
ID             $("#ID")
Class         $(".className")
tags            $("p")

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Known Issue: Predictive Search- Accessibility

UX and technical design specifications, framework and guideline must be lay out for predictive search.

The best example is google predictive search.

Now remember one thing we sometime create custom predictive search with UL/LI with div tag and predictive search text box.

Important to note here:-

Dropdownlist aka combo box default behaviour does have up and down arrow keys to navigate through list items but this behaviour needs to be constructed when we use div-UL-LI options.

So remember next time when you working on something like this do take care of input field with predictive search.

I've seen developer using ARIA

The only problem with this tags are they do not have universal acceptance. They works in some device, OS , browsers etc. 

Known Issue: Accessibility -Select Picker Item behaviour in Iphone Voice over

The select html combo box behaviour in Iphone voice is causing problem with accessibility. It doesn't enable the focus on picker selection of IOS when we double tap to activate the picker control( Select Id= > Option in html.

Now this very well works out in IOS 8.0 and above. There is some defect in IOS 7.0 and higher version. Having said that , the focus and default behaviour of picker for voice over is still a problem.

1. Double tap does not set the focus on picker item values.
2. After picker item is selected focus never moves to next element.

Bottom line is:-

Combo box aka dropdown box( select Option) must be customised to suit requirement.

Do add Label for at least for select .