Thursday, June 13, 2013

MVC 4 Razor - Report Viewer Control RDLC Reporting

I've been struggling to render the RDLC in MVC 4 or any version using Razor view chtml. If your project is in traditional and you planning to rewrite in mVC in a view to reuse most of the component as is then you've to be bit conscious. If you have extensively used RDLC and reportviewer control and then you migrate to mvc architecture .Beware this is not possible in MVC razor view. You can very well get MVC response output in pDF,excel.(****.mind it not in html ) as  adownload then there is options available.

But if you want to rendered it in html or embed in partial view as we have reportviewer control in this is not possible to achieve. In such case you can end up evaluating other third party component. Micro assessment of each migrating component plays a crucial role. I had my bite of troubles , hope you don't fall in same situation. MVC needs to get matured unlike silverlight we have the case. I keep my finger cross and I personally feel MVC and javascript with HTM5 rocks.

Bye for now.
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