Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Glimpse A cool profiling Tool for MVC by Nuget Package.

Next time you want a quick profiling tool with trendy looks ,indeed a useful snoop watch dog, then your search ends here. We've Glimpse to give more ...all you need to do is

1. Go to VS2012

2. Click on tools-Library Package Manager

3. Console Appears-Type Install-package Glimpse.MVC4

4. Profiler is installed for you.

Get Started: How?

Use website url say for e.g http://sample/Glimpse.axd

Click on Glimpse enable button.

Browse your site as usual http://sample and you will find small icon of Glimpse tool tip appears.

Click on icon you see the petty performance profiler stats. Isn't that cool!

Here is the Hub...


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