Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Technical Design - Application Architecture These Terms does matters.

At application architecture level, we come across layers and tiers terminology.I will not delve much into these terms now but would rather focus on the details of it.  Yes we know presentation , business, service , data access layer and many such stacks that defines application architecture at logical level. We then built solution taking these layers pointers into consideration. Then comes what the code files where we have domain entities, utilities , classes, interface and so on..

Well, sometimes it becomes non trivial to appropiately name such source code files unders these layers.

To complete these blogs actually I need an expert advice to make this meaningful and comprehensive. I'm sure there is no such reference atleast available online. Everyone has their own theisis of explanation and fundamentals behind.

Most common suffix ending list of file name.

1. Manager
2. Provider
3. Handler
4. Helper
5. Factory
6. Services
7. Extender
8. Contract

So On

The point is as naive architecture I may put them wrongly and may latter refractor based on review. I'm sure there can be rule book across but fail to find one.

Need help.
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