Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Part 2 : Http Unrevealed

In part 1 , I almost listed most of the intrinsic feature of Http. In part 2, the focus is more on how http interact with other layer protocol and ensure connectivity and communication.

Courtesy Succinctly Http: By Scott Allen

1. Http :it allows two Web Browser and Web Server( IIS or Apache) to communicate over a network.
2.TCP- Transmission Control Protocol

Browser extract host name and port . Opens TCP socket. Once ports is data is written into the socket.
TCP ensures data is transmitted to server and notify error if any. TCP also controls the flow of data, it has mechanism where it controls the rate at which that data being transfered thus ensuring enough time for receiver to process the data. Flow control is two way handshaking that TCP very well follows. Hence TCP is reliable protocol with flow control and error detection

3.IP: Internet protocol:-
IP ensures data moves across switches, routes, gateways , repeaters and other devices that help flow of data. IP even breaks down the larger piece of information into packets-fragment called data datagrams. This is indeed optimizes performance over network segment.

4. Data Link Layer- Ethernet .Eventually this IP datagram travels through  a optic fiber cable, wifi n/w or a satellite link.


 Wireshark is network analyzer for IP and TCP- network traffic.
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