Monday, July 20, 2015

Kiosk Website Guideline


To share my experience and help you think proactively for any such application in future , here is the quick know-how.


1.       Disable Zoom in touch screen- This will be disturb UX.

2.       Hide vertical scroll bar.

3.       Disabled left and right touch scroll to avoid back and forward history.

4.       Screen resolution of Kiosk.

5.       Attract Screen, if in case kiosk site is offline. This attract screen should be screen saver. This screen saver is set of content managed screens so that we can display some information about specials or products.

6.       Kiosk refresh after 2 mins. So that it fetch timely feeds from CMS system.

7.       For Kiosk refresh ensure browser cache is disabled. Real Time Data

8.       For Kiosk Refresh mode ensure server side caching is disabled. Real Time Data .need Assessment so as to enable this based on more static or persistent content.

9.       For touch device there is concept called Pinch Zoom and Flicker pen touch. Check the setting for touch device. This comes handy.

10.   Access restriction to Kiosk Application hosted in cloud.


That’s it! J

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