Friday, July 15, 2016

Chrome Postman interceptor Send XHR requests from postman.

Postman Interceptor

No need of fiddler anymore. It is handy and easy to intercept any web api or api call, xhr request . This is useful tool when you want to intercept any request that is fired from any website.

Installed this powerful extension in chrome. Also ensure you have postman client installed aswell.

Now switch on the interceptor and you can even filter the incoming request to the website.

And you can check the history tab of postman to see the request with output and all request body with details such as form post, post and get requests. 

Sometime the request payload is so high it is usually difficult to copy and it hangs. Chrome is memory hungry.Now after you intercept all request you can even save it as collection and can refer for future reference.

  • Filter your requests
  • See the results just beneath it
  • Or you can view results in postman client and save it as collection.

Finally all you need these?

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