Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hail, Architect- Don't just get swayed by the hype around new releases of Sitecore.

It's not just about sitecore or it's new releases or update which is announced to all out there. Its about plan it and time it well. Your stakeholder is dependent upon you. What you say is written on the stone. So be careful. Like all other releases of software or product there is cooling period for any product to get matured and get adopted to the ecosystem. What I meant is a time to make your product stand strong against all issues which may surface in production and can haunt you for a week. If you see in the past almost all product or software underwent changes due to fixes or unstable or may be success to certain degree or call it a flop show.

Having said this, cooling period is something one must consider while setting up expectation with stakeholder. Watch the space carefully. 

Just don't get swayed by the hype of features it comes with rather you face the reality with risk/issues the new release can offer in return.

Next time you hear something about releases with new feature .Hold your horses! 

Assess it well! Act Smart ! Sell while Deliver !

This is my opinion and may not concur with everyone.

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