Saturday, December 10, 2016

Sitecore Item browser and technical doco viewer tool


This module is available in Sitecore Market place and source code in git.

This tools saves time in creating and extracting sitecore item defination. This browser and viewer can be used for review, quick lookup and extract for technical documentation.
Support Prerequisites
  • Tested in Sitecore Xp
  • Worked well with sitecore mvc renderings. Not tested for components with sublayout

Work in progress
  • Root element such home is not displayed and view. Will be available in next release.
  • Must be installed only in development environment in CMS content authoring server or local 
  • Not suitable for CD or production or test env.

This module is about browsing and viewing sitecore item technical definition such as template, layout, device, presentation and fields definition for given sitecore item in content tree. This is very useful tool to extract content for technical document for any project. It gives all details of given item its template, base template, renderings, datasource and all. So all we need to do is to browse and extra the definition for our technical documentation. 
Once this package is installed ,you can browse item defination and details using below url.

  • http://website/sitecore/admin/browsedoco.aspx 
  • http://website/sitecore/admin/knowMe.aspx 

you can also find the source code available in

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