Monday, February 27, 2017

Sitecore Aligned Azure Cheat sheet

Access KUDU Service

Access File System- App Service Editor

Azure Key Vault

This required to safe guard important configuration key value pair.

Azure Resource Explorer
You can indeed explorer whole lot of stuff in here. This is very handy if you want to troubleshoot api end points or look for any details related to app service for any instance such as microsoft.web where you can lookup instance details.

Sitecore Azure Diagnostics

Sitecore Azure Blob storage logging

• Append regular, WebDAV, Search, Crawling and Publishing Sitecore diagnostics
• Based on Azure Blob Storage
• Append Blobs are used to store diagnostics as a text data
• Text data is compatible with Sitecore Log Analyzer tool
• Support multiple Web Apps instances
• Clean up out-of-date blobs using Sitecore Agent
• Support Sitecore Log Viewer application to open, download and deleted blobs.

Azure Storage Append Log

Sitecore Azure Application Insights

Change Logging Timestamp: Azure Timezone Offset setting

To locate your local timezone to overwrite default time.

Advanced Azure Web apps Sitecore debugging and troubleshooting

This article reviews tools and methods to collect information to use for troubleshooting a Sitecore XP application on Azure Web Apps.
The following sections describe ways to gather relevant data for typical performance issues, such as:
  • High CPU usage.
  • Memory leaks.
  • Long response time and other types of slowness.
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Collecting a memory dump Using Process Explorer (On-Demand) 
  • Collecting a memory dump using Procdump utility 
  • Collecting a memory dump using Diagnostics as a Service (DaaS) 
  • Collecting a performance profiling data

How to get a full memory dump in Azure App Services-Using KUDU

About Full vs Mini Dump

Command Line for CMD-
d:\devtools\sysinternals\procdump -accepteula -ma 5484

This one is indeed interesting blog

List down:
1. Method #1Using procdump.exe
2. Method #2 Using Diagnostics as a Service (DAAS)
3. Method #3 Using KUDU process explorer

Azure App Service: Generating memory dumps on first chance exception using Procdump
D:\home\Dumps>procdump.exe -accepteula -ma -e 1 -f "System.UnauthorizedAccessException" 7808
Azure App Service instances include the sysinternals suite in the default image. They can be located here via the KUDU console:D:\devtools\sysinternals

Azure App Service: How to connect to the Kudu site of a specific instance

Azure Management Service: NEW ADMIN UI

You can now mock api data without being backend ready. You can test api without using developer portal.
Swagger definition available as part of code editor.

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