Saturday, April 1, 2017

Devops- VSO and Git!

Azure :Continuous Delivery Preview

Donovan Brown Channel 9 Session

Devops Systematic Integration 
  • Build -CI 
  • Deploy Release -CD
Helped me create first end to end devops CI and CD pipeline using continuous delivery preview.

I face one issue with nuget restore and it is because of this error causing constant issue.
After configuring continuous delivery with resource group and app service plan. It asks for repository and setup build and release pipeline by itself. In fact zero configuration.

Options : Multiple configuration To queue parallel build on different agents

Even you can apply above magic directly from powershell script.

Create New: Yo team

Update existing CI and CD:Yo team/pipeline

Build Agents

  • No physical controller
  • Work side by side with XAML
  • Agents are XCOPY deployed and auto updated from server
  • Agent pool and collection assign to machine Agent

Gear Icon

Important Information
  • Download agents
  • Unblock the folder
  • Run ConfigureAgent.Ps1
  • Copy Team foundation server url
  • Give working folder name
  • Run as window service or interactive mode

  • Agent Capability in relation with Build General Tab -> Demand.
  • Demand can be used to run build on Premise agent or cloud agent.
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