Sunday, September 3, 2017

Static Readonly Constant Vs Const Constant

Constant Static ReadOnly vs Const

public  static readonly int iCentury=100;

public const int iCentury=100;
Runtime Constant

Compile Time Constant

Can intialize integral, floating ,string enum and NEW operator.
private static readonly DateTime _aheadOfMyTime=
new DateTime(2050,1,1,0,0,0);
Compile Time is eventually assigned with literals and can only be used with primitive datatype such as built in integral, floating point type,enum string. You can initialize compile time with new operator. They are limited to numbers and strings value

Unlike Const bit of performance overhead.

Better Performance and more efficient
Client A=> Assembly A[static readonly iCentury]
Client B=> Assembly A[Static readonly iCentury]

IL generated for client A and B will have reference readonly variable[iCentury] not value

Client A=> Assembly A[const iCentury]
Client B=> Assembly A[const iCentury]

IL generated for client A and B will have values of const not reference Variable
In terms of maintenance purpose readonly is more appropriate as client is not required to be compiled only assembly is compiled.

Whereas const require all assembly and dependent client to be build and compiled for each release
This is more suitable if constant is prone to change for each release
Not viable if constant value is changing for each release.

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