Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Microsoft Azure Discovery Day in Melbourne- Indeed a good show

I urge folks out there in Australia to leverage this wonderful opportunity to gather know and how about Azure. Too many things to catch up. Very fast pace of improvement, new services , new products Microsoft Azure is offering on the table so far in terms of PAAS, IAAS and SAAS. Having said that I attended Microsoft Azure Discovery Day in Melbourne on 21st Nov 2017. I liked the presentation , demo and short knowledge transitioned by presenter. I must say there is many thing happening in Azure space.

  • Continuous Delivery as part of App Service
  • Logic App
  • Azure Function
  • Web Apps
  • Automation Run book
  • Security Centre
  • Cloudyn for cost and estimation 
  • OMS
  • App Insight
  • Azure Template

  • [You can now mock api data without being backend ready. You can test api without using developer portal.
    Swagger definition available as part of code editor.]


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