Thursday, May 17, 2018

Azure AppInsight Custom Logs Alerts at very granular level with queries


An alert service has become more powerful day by day due to advent of Azure AppInsight. Microsoft is actually listening to developer and support/operation  aka (devops) team very closely. Now we can get alert at very granular level. Whenever you performance test or UAT testing it is good to enable sitecore logs trigger straight into your mail box or into slack or any web hooks. It is easy done. I keep this demonstration simple . I injected simple trace sitecore logs query which will be triggered every 10 mins if error count greater than 1.

Open your Applnsight blade, look for Alert and add new alert . Below screenshot is self explanatory.

Cool part about it you can add any level of AppInsight Analytics query in it. It is very flexible.

| where message contains "ERROR"

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