Sunday, March 24, 2013 Pipeline , httpcontext And IIS 7.5 integrated Mode request pipeline mode is something that each developer must know. Its difficult to memories or understand the concepts because IIS and .net framework is going through radical changes very often. Still we must touch base few basics. All I want one to go through HttpRuntime, Httpcontext, Httpapplication , Httpmodule and HttpHandler. If we clearly understands its flow with respect to IIS handling we will be able to troubleshoot any issues or create any custom pipeline based on this.

For e.g IIS integrated mode support httpcontext.current.request.header.add()...
HttpContext deals with response, server, requests, error, session , application
HttpModule deals with application startup authorization, authentications etc.
HttpHandler based on file extension we can set events to perform.
HttpRuntime decides configuration such as request length, queue length, Querystring and so on.

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