Sunday, March 24, 2013

Decision Analysis and Resolution Matrix Called as DAR

We heard lot of CAR analysis, Causal Analysis and Resolution, like we also have Decision Analysis and Resolution. In CAR we tend to find the root cause and then derive the resolution. Similarly in DAR we evaluates different factors or criterias against options available to derive to best possible solutions or resolutions.

For e.g we want to setup Virtualization so we have many options for us to evaluate before we decide on technology. Say for example..In case of VDI...virtual desktop environment, we have various options available such as Virtual machine based on Virtual pool, Remote desktop session based or virtual machine session based. Now if want to choose the best possible solution then we need to have a all relevant factors or parameter to evaluate against. Here in this case we can evaluate the options against scalability, availability, performance, maintenance, consistency, cost etc...

For any architect , it is very essential that one knows about such tools or methods to evaluate it. At the end steering or management committee needs statistics and full proof solution to support their decision even. What If I say something right? will that make sense to world ? The answer is Big 'NO'. The business is driven based on facts and figure.

Fig 1

DAR Matrix

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