Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Troubleshoot Remote Desktop access Win 2008 R2 VM Hyper-V

Recently I setup virtual machines in Hyper-V windows 2008 R2 Sp1. I faced problem  accessing virtual machine through remote access RDP(Run ->Mstsc). The access denied , remote server not available or remote service is not enabled message it flashed as dialoq.

Troubleshooting Steps.
  1. In server manager I checked whether the Domain Profile is connected state. With windows firewall off.
  2. Note. There are three profile Domain, Public and private profile.
  3. I check Remote Desktop Enabled. If not then one has to configure remote desktop option.
  4. Check whether server is bind with the domain network not configured as workgroup/workstation.
Now verify the pulse between two system ..establishing connectivity check
Remote server to client machine.

Get CMD-> Ipconfig
Ping Ip address.

Then type arp-a command to check the node connectivity.

If any problem with this then above steps are not followed properly. There are other ways to activate remote access with lookup in Group Policy.

By for now..

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