Sunday, April 7, 2013

VS2012 Memory Profiling Insights.

Here is why you must look for VS2012 memory Profiling. Apparently Tier Interaction VS2010 has done good job however memory profiling was not that profound as it is in VS2012. For more information you can check out

The purpose of this diagnostic tool is to find two essential problems in given system.

1. Memory Leaks- The unrooted memory referenes are freed by GC. Sometimes it may happen there are memory that are no longer used and still have rooted references are still not clear or handles such cases can be figured out through this tool.

2. Unwanted Allocation: Rule- More memory allocated more frequent GC happens.More objects survice GC collects, More GC operations performed to check null object references. Unwanted allocations by program may lead to unneccessary GC operations which latter adds up to the performance of the applications.

One can also look at Red Ant Profiler tool and Perf

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