Thursday, August 22, 2013

ASP.NET MVC Extensibility-Internals of Pipeline Requests.

Today I came across one good reference article in simpletalk. This article gives internal architecture of pipeline processing for MVC framework. This is something which I always feel was missing in tutorial or documentation site of Even the MVC is creating a stir in web development but too less has been revealed in terms of documentation which entails the true story of framework.

At a very high level, the lifecycle of a request in ASP.NET MVC is:
  • The browser sends the GET or POST HTTP request;
  • The request is inspected and routed to the right controller and the right action;
  • The action collects or creates the data that needs to be returned to the browser;
  • This data is passed to the view that renders the response, which is sent back to the browser.

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