Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Change Up Android App with Html5 using VS2012

I always wanting to write my first Android App but ends up in despair as I don't want to move from my comfort zone of Visual studio for that matter .net. Finally I got my small Hello world App installed in Android device. Before this all I would like to share the links/references to starter kit that makes you get going and hopefully you can break or zeal to develop your first app in Android. ITs Html5 so one can port this in Windows phone aswell all you need is windows 8 environment to do it in a right way. Once this is done you can port your app in Windows Store or Google Play full fledgedly.

Android SDK:
Java SDK:
Ant SDK:

Mandate: VS2012

Xamarin and Phonegap are the awesome tool to start with your Android app development however if you are .net geek then above enablement is for you.

Troubleshooting Tips:
1. If you unable to debug or built app in VS2012 then all you can do it using following command.
Go to your solution folder then type locate ant.bat
something like this.
D:\androidApp1> d:\ant\ant.bat debug

2. If you unable to configure android SDK , try installing Xamarin as it sets all the environment for you. Still you can through with VS2012.

3. Update repository .
d:\Android\android-sdk\tools>android.bat update sdk --no-ui

4.d:\Android\android-sdk\tools\ant\build.xml:397: SDK Pla
tform Tools component is missing. Please install it with the SDK Manager (tools\
Total time: 0 seconds

Install Android SDK platform.if you install Xamarin, it will take care of this one aswell.

If your built is successfull you can check for .apk file in release folder and can mail /distribute to Android users for quick test.

Hope this is helpful.
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