Thursday, October 17, 2013

VS2013 Load Test RIG Installation

VS2013 and its power packed Test Manager for application performance test suite is going to be big leap when moving from QTP load runner. It offers you everything under the sun.
Before you try VS2013 Ultimate RC its important for us to understand the technical know and how of the subject.

1. Configuring controller and Agents -Load Test RIG
2. Combo load test vs Load Test.
3. Data Driven load test for each user load. Real time scenario
4. Create Test cases , identify scenarios -Most critical ones
5. Number of concurrent users.
6. Sequential or overlapped loading of user session
7. Think time
8. Sampling Rate
9. Base Response time
10. Thoughoutput/Latency of page
11. Allowed error count for given passed transactionsvs failed transactions

Load test RIG Installation and configurations:
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