Sunday, June 21, 2015

My Idea: Ecommerce Real time Shopping experience using Online.

I'm not sure about this idea is already evolved, think through and designed . It might be a reality somewhere. We moved from 3G to 4G world now. The time is not too far when streaming will be way of live.

Just imagine we shop online we search for product , add to shopping cart ,checkout and make online orders. What if we do online shopping directly entering into given preferred store as if you're physically present. The idea is simple ,  a live video robotic cameras which will take you to each location (AISLE) or shelf of the store where products or item is placed , you are taken to store tour and you in a way pick the product or scan a product or tick it to add to your shopping cart. The camera assigned to you will help capture barcode and add it to shopping list. There will be predefined set of robotic camera for any user to select from. Is this possible? Not sure.. But seems to be concept.

Like there are predefined set of robotic cameras installed and mount on each location which keep moving once it is assigned to you when you want to shop from that given store. It could be small high definition, ISO precisions camera which keep moving, rolling and given you feed time to time. This is bit trickiest and amazing experience while you just don't have to search item and want to move like a regular shopper within store to understand all variation , range of product. This is my idea and may be it is adapted, opted and engineered to bring live to the real world platform.

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