Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tips and Tricks :Kiosk Mode For IE

Sometimes we get a requirement to put our webform in Kiosk and end-users are not suppose to disturb the AS-IS state hence to restrict that there is option build in with windows.
All we have enabled

Run-> iexplorer -k website url


To start Internet Explorer in Kiosk mode and start Internet Explorer with the Microsoft Web site, click Start, point to Run, and then type iexplore -k www.microsoft.com in the Open box.

You can lock down these subversive key combinations using restrictions in the Registry. Launch RegEdit from the Start menu's Run dialog; navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\

Policies\Microsoft Internet Explorer\Restrictions; and find or create each of the following DWORD values, setting its data to 1 to enable the restriction:

  • NoBrowserClose (disables closing the browser window)

  • NoBrowserContextMenu (disables right-click context menu)

  • NoFileOpen (disables use of Ctrl-O or Ctrl-L to launch an arbitrary URL)

  • NoOpenInNewWnd (disables opening a link in a new window via Ctrl-N or Shift-click)

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