Saturday, October 3, 2015

Accessibility - Checklist and Rule Book

Accessibility AA WCAG 2.0 must have technical guideline to achieve accessibility in very good form however Accessibility has got broader meaning and guidelines in terms of usability.

In Nutshell, if website has to be accessible and must be accessed through assistive technology, here is the following ask:-

1. Each information in the website must be easy to navigate and located.
2. Instructions in the device based on assistive technology must be very much supported. Such as use up and down or tab to navigate . Double tap to activate or deactivate and so on.
3. Color contrasts, font size and content placement has to be designed considering the flow of the information is very logical and making sense for listener, reader and viewer.
4.Entry and exit points has to be well defined otherwise the whole purpose of the given web page will beat the overall purpose.
5. Indicative , informational and Non contextual images must be defined and called out clearly.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA)
Assistive Technology
  • Android Talkback
  • Jaws IE
  • Voice  IOS
Most Common Defects:
    1. Check Empty Heading tags H1,H2,H3 etc.
    2. Check hierarchy of heading tags
    3. Never use Headings without content. Try to use div
    4. If table always use Table header as best practice
    5. If Image contains subtitle. Never use Alt..keep this empty. As assistive technology reads out twice.
    6. Take care of Anchor tag..make use of aria, role and title to spell out opens in window for target= _blank
    7. If there is more generic link such as more information or View button mention title to indicate the purpose.
    8. Checking tabbing order and ensure navigation help easy access to elements and content.
The following checklist is based on WebAIM's WCAG 2.0 Checklist. It is intended for training purposes and includes only the Level A and AA success criteria
Vision Australia
AA Compliance Checklist

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