Thursday, October 29, 2015

Accessibility Forms -IOS/Android

Technical Specification

  • OS-IOS
  • IDevice :Iphone/IPAD/MAC
  • Browser: Safari
  • Speak Tool : Voice Over

  • OS : Android ALL Version
  • Device: Samsung/Nexus etc
  • Browser: Chrome
  • Speak Tool : Android Talkback

Form Accessibility

  • Placeholder supported in IOS not in Android chrome
  • Title tag supported in IOS as well as in Android chrome
  • Aria-label supported in both

What are the guidelines?
1. Required field for Label field 
2. Required field feature for input fields attributes such as  <input type=text "Required"
3.Placeholder attribute
4. Label for Text field, combo box. 
5. Error message should be read out before input fields.
6. Checkbox, combobox, radio button, input fields should be read out by assistive technology.
7. Tab sequence should be followed.

Common Issue:

1. If item selected in combo box, the focus will go to the top of the page. Reason no Label FOR

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