Thursday, February 4, 2016

Azure Data Centre Migration and Publish profile online download

While we are about to do lift and shift we realize this going to be very tedious task of migration. Still we are half way and looking for more productive and effective solution to migration azure cloud service from US data centre to Australia data centre.

When we look at this option given in this article, we felt this is what we want to go for however this got lot of caveat and problems based on infrastructure and the way it is done for public azure cloud.

Few things to consider while you try to hook into this solution.

Problem with Download Publish Profile .

Publish profile download link is old and its refer to old reference
Try this

Instead of this

This will act as wiki for me as I progress I will keep adding the problem statement and solution around so that it help others in similar issue.

1. Login to So that session will ensure you got publish profile established properly.
2.Download Publish profile as per above link. Ensure right subscription and environment is selected.
3. Download code from GitHub
4. *** Enable Nuget package- Tools- Extensions and Updates
5. *** Ensure all unwanted service is deleted where there is no deployment package .

We struggle to migrate database instance and databases from US to AUS. The only reason we looking at more automated approach which was not covered in the above migration checklist.

V12 Azure SQL database is not supporting manage db online . We can connect using sql server management studio for the same. The only important thing is your client system should have port and firewall enabled for the access to cloud database. Else you may have tough time connecting to outside network to enable the same.

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