Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wild Wild West -The only @sitecorejohn

It took me back when I first time heard about sitecore John bid farewell. Every morning I used to read one of his blog and start my to-do’s and work. When I first started my sitecore assignment the very first result in google gave me @SitecoreJohn blog since then it was only John whose blog I book marked and referred to as my sitecore bible however I don't say SDN network resource was not enough but at least John blogs used to give all direction to start with. He is Sitecore Evangelist for me. He is Guru! When I think of .net first name comes to me is Scott Hanselman, when I think of Azure cloud its Scott Guthrie when I think of CLR Maoni Stephen comes to my mind and of course when I think of c# I look upon Anders Hejlsberg likewise when its sitecore it is the only John West.

Nothing change but when someone like John keep contributing it makes big impact to this world. It enables people. They help generate ideas, create synergies and trust me very, very few people capable of doing this.

My standing ovation and salute to this gentleman who is remarkable in his journey of Sitecore.

I know it’s not end though, John will be seen again in different style with lot of conviction.

 All the best John and thanks for giving your best shot till date.
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