Thursday, March 1, 2018

Calculate distance between two Geo location using Google Map API


In order to run this proof of concept , we need google api  key,API_Key This can be obtain as per your personal google account credential. create project in developer console in google and generate api_key for you to create proof of concept to consume google api.

Try Out Proof of concepts: Hosted in JSFiddler

Google Developer Console Login

Create Project in Google API Console

Google Distance Matrix API

Google Autocomplete Location API

Production Implication

Create account for BUPA or contact IS support for the same.

Key Implementation things to note

  • Use new google.maps.DistanceMatrixService(); for recommended route.
  • The below example can be useful to find distance for multiple source and destination location
  • You can limit auto complete or restrict to specific countries.   destinationautocomplete.setComponentRestrictions({
  •     'country': ['aus']
  • Use new google.maps.DirectionsService() to calculate alternative routes with legs and steps directions
  • Property setting optimizeWaypoints: true gives accurate distance remove complexity such as turns and other criteria
  • Property setting provideRouteAlternatives: true, helps you find all route path options
  • It used traveling salesman algorithm for optimal map routing with google maps.->optimizeWaypoints

Code Base Implementation

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