Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Sitecore MVC Routing using sitecore pipelines approach

Case Study:

It is very important to separate CMS and CD level MVC routing . When we deploy CD content delivery for any web then it should have very specific routing for the web and most of the cms specific routing should be entrusted to cms solution. It is simple you move all the cms level custom route to custom library and later reference and allow to run at runtime using config patch specific to environment. Like SiteSetting.CMS.Config vs SiteSetting.CD.Config this is will part of continous deployment where it will be picked up during depployment to specific cms and CD environment. By doing this we are separating the responsibility and it help maitain consistent approach specific to cms and cd. This also good for performance of application and it will not conlict with web solution specific to its functionality.

CD with specific to web page
Say http://abc.com/homepage which internally call api via ajax -xhr request say http://abc.com/abc/api/home/Get

CMS with specific to admin or shell page
http://abc.cms/sitecore/admin/api/user this is very specific to cms

Now when you are employing this solution in MVC ensure it is separated for each of this environment. The cms web server will have routing logic loaded at runtime specific to its env without adding extra overload to web CD environment.

Implementation Logic

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