Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Awesome-ness of AppInsight Analytics and Failure Preview

The Microsoft Azure AppInsight has made so much easy for us to trace the request execution sequence for any exception traces. You can actually see how the request has been executed for given exception. This way it is very easy to troubleshoot and fine actual root cause of the problem.

Check out for following stuff in Azure AppInsight

  • Failure (Preview)- New feature within AppInsight
  • Operation Id- Locate operation id for any specific exception
  • Open up AppInsight Anaytics query analyzer to view the sequence trace leading to an exception.

 Failure (Preview) Blade

  • Lookup for Count(Failed) vs total request
  • Top 3 Response Codes
  • Top 3 Exception Types
  • Last 24 hours or custom date filter. Slide through graph date statistics. Awesome-ness
  • Operations vs Dependencies vs Exceptions tabs
  • Nevertheless View in Analytics 

Suggested- Click on one of the exception to view Operation ID and from this operation id you get all trails and missing piece of an issue.

End to End transactions

Finally! Voila - Analytics - Demigod

// All telemetry for Operation ID: TNeCgEP/IhM=union *// Apply filterswhere timestamp > datetime("2018-04-03T14:27:42.037Z"and timestamp < datetime("2018-04-05T14:27:42.037Z")where operation_Id == "TNeCgEP/IhM=" 

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