Thursday, July 17, 2014

IIS 8 : Configure OS Level Web Server Optimization

If the given web server is in production and we want to increase the throughput reduce resource utilization and memory consumption. We must then closely look into below service and disabled them if not require.

  1. Win+R Run command
  2. Type  Services.msc
Application Experience
This is application level cache such as office and other application.
Distributed Link Tracking Client
Sharing across network and system
IP Helper
Depend on whether we using IPv4 or IPv6
Network List Service
List network level connected resource
Print Spooler
Printer option
Remote Registry
Enable access of registry remotely
Secondary Logon
Enables additional logon credential for services. Depends.

By disabling above services will save memory and CPU processing cycle.

Reference Book:
Professional Microsoft IIS 8

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