Monday, July 14, 2014

Why Site Maps for SEO Search Engine Optimization?

Site maps by definitions are list of all URLS that exists for the given sites. It is an XML file that gives information about URLs content last modified, relative priorities and frequency at which content changes. Search Engine Optimizer- SEO can read this site maps based on the information provided it revisits sites and help in ranking of web pages and urls.
With this even we can help SEO instruct not to visit or read URLs if content of particular page has never undergone change.
Site specifications can be found online

<url set xmlns="">



      <lastmod>2005-01-01       <changefreq>monthly     <priorit>0.8

There are tools online that generates sitemaps for you.

There are two ways to submit the sitemaps to Search Engine.
1. We can use Robot.txt where we can references site maps as given below. In this way search engine web crawler can read about sitemaps in robot.txt file
sitemap: http://www.worldisnotenough/sitemaps/sitemap.xml.gz

2. We can directly feed our site maps into search engine. such e.g is webmaster tools for google search engine.
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