Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Guru - s

My Gurus!

I’ve grown in technologies seeing these people and learnt the way these folks lead the technology dimension. I owe most of my learning and way of technology only because of these set of people. I look upon them and try to shape up my career throughout these years. Indeed they’re the Pioneer and I follow them, their work and try to mark my level somewhat to their caliber. In a sense they’re inspirational to me at the same time they help me keep moving when I feel there is not much left to learn.

1.       Scott Allen – Forum ODE

2.       Scott Hanselman

3.       Phill Haack

4.       Scott Gutrie

5.       Martin Flower

6.       Rick Anderson

7.       John Galloway

8.       Maoni stephens

9.       Tezz Fernandez

11.   Bill Wagner
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